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On what Rolling Stones songs was Keith Richards the lead singer instead of Mick Jagger?

Question #75415. Asked by star_gazer.

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Answer has 8 votes.

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"Something Happened to Me Yesterday", "Connection", (1967) Between The Buttons.
"Salt Of The Earth" (sings first verse) (1968) Beggars Banquet
"You Got The Silver", (1969) Let It Bleed
"Happy" (1972) Exile On Main Street
"Coming Down Again" (1973) Goats Head Soup
"Memory Motel" (alternates lead with Jagger) (1976) Black and Blue
"Before They Make Me Run", (1978) Some Girls.
"All About You", (1980) Emotional Rescue.
"Little T & A", (1981) Tattoo You.
"Wanna Hold You", (1983) Undercover.
"Too Rude", "Sleep Tonight" (1986) Dirty Work.
"Can't Be Seen", "Slipping Away", (1989) Steel Wheels.
"Can't Be Seen" (live), (1991) Flashpoint.
"The Worst", "Thru & Thru" (1993), Voodoo Lounge.
"Slipping Away" (acoustic live), (1995), Stripped.
"You Don't Have To Mean It", "Thief in the Night/How Can I Stop", (1997), Bridges to Babylon.
"Thief in the Night" (live), (1999) No Security.
"Losing My Touch", (2002) Forty Licks.
"The Nearness of You" (live), "You Don't Have To Mean It", (live). (2004) Live Licks.
"This Place is Empty", "Infamy" (2005) A Bigger Bang
"Thru & Thru" (live), (2005) Rarities 1971-2003

Feb 04 2007, 3:14 AM
Answer has 5 votes
20 year member
11 replies

Answer has 5 votes.
Sorry, forgot to post the link:


Feb 04 2007, 3:16 AM
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