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What was the alter-ego of Hathor? She became this person when she went into a bloody and destructive state.

Question #77041. Asked by tragic_flawed.
Last updated Jun 15 2023.

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The association of Hathoor with the Eye of Ra and the Uraeus is best known through the myth in which the Sun god sends her forth in the form of his Eye to destroy his enemies. For this, Hathoor transforms herself into the form of a lioness. Yet, after the job is complete, she, in her form of Sekhmet continues her bloodthirsty slaughter until the gods trick her into drinking blood-red colored beer which placates her and reforms her back into her more amiable self. (This is a greatly truncated version of the myth; view the full version here.) The Sekhmet/Hathoor dichotomy first appears to be a simple matter of an alter ego or split personality. However, they represent the balanced forces of Nature, as all life requires both the nurturing aspect as well as the destructive purging influence for growth and evolution to occur. Or as the Egyptians saw it, Hathoor/Sekhmet can also be viewed as the gentle warmth of the morning sun and the fiery heat of the midday sun. An excess of one or another would mean a cessation of all life. Therefore, daily propitiations and cyclic festivals were given to Hathoor/Sekhmet in order to maintain this fragile balance. Sekhmet later grew her own individual following apart from Hathoor. [no longer online]

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Mar 11 2007, 1:33 AM
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Hathor became Sekhmet, war goddess of Egypt, when she became angry. She was brutal and unstoppable until Ra tricked her into drinking blod-colored beer. Afterwards, she calmed down and became Hathor again.


Oct 30 2016, 4:56 PM
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