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When opening the Grateful Dead's album "Aoxamoxa" there is a picture of the band sitting in front of a tree with a group of children. One of these children will grow up to be a famous rocker. Who?

Question #77594. Asked by star_gazer.
Last updated Sep 16 2017.

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Answer has 2 votes.
Courtney Love, her Dad, Hank Harrison drove the Grateful Dead bus when the picture was taken.


Mar 21 2007, 3:49 PM
gtho4 star
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According to this site, the little girl is Stacy Kreutzmann.

For years, there has been a rumor that the five-year-old Courtney Love was on the back cover of Aoxomoxoa - the girl in the front, sitting next to Pigpen. This story has been repeated so often, it's become an internet "fact," supposedly confirmed by David Gans and even mentioned in official Dead writings. Here's one site that tells the tale:

Response last updated by Terry on Aug 30 2016.
Oct 18 2015, 10:25 PM
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Answer has 1 vote.
Stacy Kreutzmann ..... See Link below to Who's Who in photo ... 24 of the Dead Family, and Mickey's Horse. No so called future rocker.
The little girl sitting next to Pigpen is Billy's daughter Stacy Kreutzmann.


Rock Sully's book : "Living With The Dead" / 1996 / also confirms this on page 163 .... " Stacy, the little girl next to Pigpen in the Dead family photo on the back cover of Aoxomoxoa.

Response last updated by CmdrK on Sep 16 2017.
Dec 22 2015, 2:01 AM
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